Ryde Hockey Registration 2018

Warm greetings. Welcome to the Ryde Hunters Hill District Hockey Club online Registration page for Season 2018.

By now you should have received a brief update via the Newsletter and/or our Facebook Forum page from the Club pertaining to this year’s registration. If you have any questions or haven’t received it yet please don’t hesitate to contact myself or your respective president.

Importantly, if you are a member on Facebook or about to join, don’t forget to sign up (by “liking”) for both the Club’s Open (Public) and Closed (Club Member’s only Forum) pages. 

Thoughout the season keep promoting our Club values of fun, family and fair play. 

Finally on behalf of the Club, the best of success to you and your team for the coming season.

Let's make 2018 the year of the Panther.

Yours in hockey
Glen Castensen
Club President of RHHDHC