Ryde Hockey Registration

Ryde Hockey Registration 2021

Welcome to the Ryde Hunters Hill District Hockey Club online Registration page for Season 2021.

By now you should have received a brief update via the Newsletter and/or our Facebook Forum page from the Club pertaining to this year’s registration. If you have any questions or haven’t received it yet please don’t hesitate to contact myself or the Club Administrator (administrator@rydehockey.com.au).  Importantly, if you are new to the Club and on Facebook, don’t forget to sign up for both the Club’s Open (Public) and Closed (Club Members only Forum) pages.

On behalf of the Club, wishing you and your team the best of success for the coming season. Please remember we will all need to be compliant with any directions the relevant authorities and Club issue regarding the safety of yourself and fellow Club members during these challenging times.  Being helpful, tolerant, respectful and flexible will be key for all of us to enjoy the most of whatever this season has to offer.

Finally, when considering the impact COVID19 has had on parts of the world, as with last season – it’s an absolute privilege for us to be able to play the sport we all love.  We would particularly like to provide a special thanks to all those involved in doing the additional tasks that will make this season possible.  

Together, let's make 2021 the year of the Panther.

Yours in hockey
Glen Castensen
Club President of RHHDHC


2021 Registration will be DIFFERENT this year!

Due to the changes in the 2020 season, members that registered before July last year are entitled to a "two-for-one reward" on their association fees for this year.  Hockey NSW (HNSW) and North West Sydney Hockey Association (NWSHA) have announced the process that enables members to receive this discount.  It does require a couple of extra steps so please ensure you read below and follow the steps in order.

In addition players that paid their Ryde fees in full at the beginning of last year before the fees were adjusted and have a carry-over credit from Ryde will see this as a reduction on their 2021 Ryde fees when they complete step 3 of the process below.

Instructions from HNSW/NWSHA

Please read the following instructions carefully so you will be financial and will then be allowed to take the field.

HNSW & NWSHA appreciates this will require members entitled to the two-for-one reward to complete multiple steps however it will ensure we can support our community with the credits promised.

You must enter the same data as last year or HNSW will create a new profile and charge full fees eg spell your name correctly & parents please enter the children’s correct dates of birth.

1. Go to your HNSW email with unique link to renew at the HNSW level

If you are new to hockey this year or registered after the July 2020 cut-off date then skip this step.

(DO NOT use Active Kids Voucher)

Locate the discount code to apply to the HNSW fee (acting as a credit from the 2020 season)

  • Click on HNSW email link.
  • Insert your Discount code

2. Renew at NWSHA

Members entitled to the two-for-one reward have been emailed a discount code to renew at the NWSHA level acts as a credit from the 2020 season for the NWSHA fee and registers you as a NWSHA member

  • Click on this NWSHA link
  • Returning members Click RENEW and Insert NWSHA discount code
  • If you are new to hockey welcome! Please click REGISTER instead.

3.  Ryde Registration

Return to this page and complete your Ryde Registration by entering your membership ID in the field below.

3.  Ryde Registration

After registering with NWSHA enter your member number here to complete step 3

From Step 2 above

If you are new to Ryde, please allow 24-48 hours for the data from NWSHA to sync with Ryde before completeing this Step.

(we will send you an email when ready)

The Governor Hotel

The Governor Hotel is our MAJOR sponsor and contributes funds to your Club which enables us to keep fees lower and supplement other expenses like coaching, equipment and player development etc. 

Please support them, as they support your Club!

The Hotel is an exciting dining destination, with The Governor’s ground floor is home to a spacious main bar and bistro – the ideal setting for a weeknight date or special catch-up. With its timber detailing, exposed brick walls, live green wall and festoon lighting, the garden terrace provides the perfect spot for those wanting to catch the afternoon sun. 

Please download their mobile app on your phone on itunes via


or google play stores via


and register as a Ryde Hockey Club member (if you don't wish to include your home address - just put the Clubs ~ 18 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113)  to get the Member's discount on purchases and other future benefits.  The Club will also receive a $ benefit for every purchase you make when using your app at the Hotel.  

If you previously registered via their prior proprietary app (momento group app) please re-sign via the RewardMe app as they have discontinued the momento group app.  Thanks. 

Any members of the Ryde Hockey Club are also entitled to other discounts such as room hire when booking a function  – please contact their team for more information tgh.functions@momentohospitality.com.au.  Also, be sure to also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated with “What’s On” at the Hotel.

We know lots of members (particularly in team groups) regularly patronise The Governor but haven’t download the app yet.  DOWNLOADING AND USING THE APP IS A CRITICAL METRIC TO OUR ENGAGEMENT WITH THEM.

THEREFORE - we need as many members as possible to download the app NOW!

The Governor Hotel

ADDRESS: 9 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park


OPENING HOURS Monday – Saturday: 10:00am – 3:00am 
Sunday: 10:00am – 12:00am